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2000T Series Datalogger


In response to today’s ever-increasing demand for speed, accuracy and performance at an affordable price, Digitron has introduced the 2000T series of hand-held digital thermometers.

5 of the models have data logging capability, enabling storage, retrieval and output of readings.


The 2000T Series provide precise, stable readings - even in demanding environments - which are simple to operate, fast, reliable and built to last.

Some measurements take minutes using standard thermometers due to poor thermal conductivity in the item being measured. Often a highly accurate answer is not required and an indicative answer showing that the reading is above or below a desired threshold will suffice.

Digitron’s unique SpeedRead>> function will offer an answer in 14 seconds or, if such a prediction cannot be made, revert back to a standard accuracy thermometer automatically.


  • Simple to operate
  • 2 year standard warranty
  • Long battery life (typically 500 hours)
  • Standard splash-proof IP65, or a waterproof IP67 version is also available
  • Robust case for long life in harsh environments
  • Accuracy exceeds European food regulations
  • Ergonomic design
  • Magnified backlit digital display
  • Hold facility
  • Thermistor, thermocouple Pt100 types available
  • °C or °F options


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