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RTC Series - Reference Temperature Calibrator


Introducing the new top line of the series RTC (Reference Temperature Calibrator) from Jofra. The models are more demanding, advanced and sophisticated than any existing calibrators. The RTC Series are the most accurate, with the widest temperature range. One of the great features of the Jofra RTC Series is the DLC system (Patent Pending) for perfect temperature uniformity in the insert, even when calibrating large or multiple sensors at a time.

The new RTC calibrators are available in three versions - A, B, and C. 
  • RTC A "Reference Temperature Calibrator"
  • RTC B "Reference Temperature Calibrator" with inputs for the reference sensor, the sensor and the DLC specimens
  • RTC-C "Reference Temperature Calibrator" with inputs for the reference sensor and DLC sensor  

High accuracy
Up to ± 0.04 ° C (RTC 700: up to ± 0.11°C) with use of the external reference sensor. A 4-wire with "real" resistive sensing technology is used.

Excellent stability: ± 0.005°C (RTC-700: up to ± 0.008°C)

Improved temperature homogeneity
The unique active dual-zone block ensures good temperature homogeneity in the calibration zone safely.

DLC - Dynamic compensation of load (PATENT PENDING)*
Perfect temperature homogeneity in the sleeve, even when the calibration of large sensors or more sensors at the same time.
* Only present on the B and C models.
In the display for the temperature homogeneity*
Shows the temperature in °C in the homogeneity of the sleeve when the DLC technology is used.
* Only present on the B and C models.
Intelligent reference sensors
JOFRA reference sensors are supplied with intelligent plugs, which are located in the calibration data (coefficients). This is a true "plug and play" system. The data of Reference Sensors must not be entered manually.
USB communication
All RTC calibrators have a USB interface.
Very fast cooling and heating times.



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