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M1 Digital Pressure Gauge

The M1 is a affordably accurate digital pressure gauge. The M1 has an accuracy of 0.2% of reading, which  competes directly with mechanical gauges. Accuracy is not degraded by dropping, over-pressure, rapid pressure changes or temperatures between -10˚C and 50˚C.

One M1 gauge can replace up to five mechanical gauges with an accuracy reading of 0.25% of full scale.


M1 Datasheet - PSI
M1 Datasheet - Bar
M1 Datasheet - MPa
M1 Datasheet - kg/cm2


  • Enclosure is rated to NEMA 4, IP65
  • Can be customized for specific vendor applications
  • Up to 3 years continuous use on just two AA alkaline batteries
  • Bright backlit 5 digit display
  • Easy to read extra-large numbers
  • G ¼ B BSP parallel fittings available
  • Protective boot included
  • Uses Crystal's CPF hose and fitting system up to 15K (finger tight to 10K PSI); Shifting everyday wear to a replaceable CPF adapter

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industry specific pressure measuring equipment.