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RTC 187



Jofra's most advanced and accurate temperature calibrator just got better! We are pleased to announce a new range to their RTC Reference Temperature Calibrator family. The new RTC-187 provides high-quality temperature measurement from -45 to 180°C. The 180°C is a 25° expansion over the range of the RTC-157, and it’s now the hottest temperature available for a calibrator that also supplies cold temperatures.


The RTC -187 offers many new fantastic features such as:

Patent pending DLC (Dynamic Load Compensation)

USB connector for communication

Easy-to-read colour VGA display 

Intuitive, fast, and user-friendly navigation

Lightweight and easy to carry around

New functional carrying case design

New multi-hole insert kits covering all of the most used sensor sizes

High profile design and well-known, long lasting Jofra quality

Works with JofraCloud.











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