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PIE launches another new unit

PIE Model 525Plus
Diagnostic RTD , Thermocouple and mA loop calibrator.

Available from Haven on January 1st 2018, the NEW PIE Model 525Plus Diagnostic RTD , Thermocouple and mA loop calibrator.

The PIE 525Plus Diagnostic Thermocouple, RTD & milliamp calibrator offers you not only a high accuracy temperature calibrator but also a milliamp calibrator that can source and read up to 24mA, simulate 2-Wire transmitters and also power and measure your 24V transmitters or other control instrumentation. It’s three laboratory accurate calibrators combined into one small package.

Similar to the PIE 334Plus, the new 525Plus calibrator includes the Patented Current Leak Detection which protects not only your instrumentation and property from potentially catastrophic failure, but also helps ensure the safety of your most valuable assets – your people! With PIE's Current leak detection, you can detect excess loop current due to issues such as moisture, corrosion and ground faults that can cause potentially dangerous situations.

PIE calibrators are designed with the field technician in mind – half the size of similar process calibrators and weighing less than a pound (340grams) makes carrying them around the plant or up and down ladders no big deal. Combine that with the “EZ as PIE” double click menu and advanced troubleshooting tools, these are a technicians go to tool. Troubleshoot RTD sensors and wiring with patented 2, 3 & 4 wire auto-detection and display of excitation current. Calibrate thermocouple instruments with the accuracy of a bench top calibrator that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Their latest value added feature is the unique ability to measure the resistance of your thermocouple wires and sensing element BEFORE they burnout causing downtime and possible loss of product.
The toolbox tough design includes a backlit display for use in dark environments, protective rubber boot with built in stand and test leads. A hands free carrying case comes with the 525Plus to free up your hands for calibration with room to store extra test leads, batteries, etc. securely in a zippered compartment. Add the optional magnetic hanging strap for extra versatility out in the field.
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