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Product Discontinuation - Crystal 24VDCPS 

The 24VDCPS loop power supply by Crystal Pressure, was designed to provide long lasting power to assist in calibrating pressure transmitters in remote locations. As the only product they produced that provided power, the 24VDCPS was designed to be combined with a 30 Series Calibrator or nVision Reference Recorder to calibrate in locations where power was not available.

In 2015 Crystal introduced the HPC40 Series Calibrator, which included a mode to provide a 24-volt power supply. This allowed the same results to be acheived in a single handheld unit, rather than the 24VDCPS and a separate calibrator. Because of this, the demand for the 24VDCPS has decreased, and Crystal have decided to discontinue the product line.

The discontinuation date is set for August 1st 2017, or as long as stock is available. If you are interested in purchasing one of our last units, please contact us soon as they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.