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XP2i Now With Calibration Reminder Alerts & Notifications

Have you ever been ready to start a critical calibration, only to find that your test gauge’s calibration certificate has expired? Or maybe you had to postpone a test because you couldn't find your calibration certificate? Have you failed an audit? How much did this downtime cost?

These are just a few of the problems that the latest XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge can help you avoid. Starting in January 2017, new XP2i gauges now include a feature that can warn users when the gauge calibration is about to expire. Using the free ConFigXP software, the gauge can be programmed to alert you prior to, on, and after the gauge’s calibration due date. You can even select the type of alert you want from a start-up warning to a continuous warning which does not allow the user to operate the gauge.

Calibration Reminder Alert 

For a startup reminder, users enter the calibration due date and the notification time prior to that date, which can be set in days or weeks prior. Once the defined prior to date is reached, the XP2i flashes “Cal Soon” three times during the startup process and will continue to do so, until the calibration due date is reached or the alert dates are updated. 

Calibration Due Alert 

Once the calibration due date has been reached, the XP2i has three alert options: 

  • Gauge Startup: "Cal Due" flashes three times during the startup process and the gauge will then operate normally.  No additional warnings will occur after that, until the power is recycled on the gauge.
  • Always: “Cal Due” is displayed until a button is present and then the gauge operates normally. After that, no additional warnings occur until power is recycled. Password Protection can be added to make the gauge non-operational and always display “Cal Due.”
  • Alternate with Reading: “Cal Due” flashes three times during the startup process and then alternates displaying “Cal Due” with live pressure readings.

The Calibration Alert feature is available on the latest versions of the XP2i gauges. For gauges shipped in 2017, users can check the hardware version in ConFigXP, version 2.5.0 or greater. If the “Enable Calibration Messages” check box is selected, the user has the latest version. If that option is greyed out, the user has an older version. 



 This and many other features is what makes the XP2i Digital Test Gauge, by Crystal Pressure, one of the worlds most popular Test Gauges. The ultra-rugged, intrinsically safe gauge offers high-accuracy pressure recording. Key features include an IP-67 rated, marine-grade enclosure (submersible up to 1 meter), a fast pressure safety valve (PSV) mode, custom engineering units, and a leak-free Crystal pressure fitting connection. 

A dual line display version adds additional features, including leak rate, tare mode, and differential pressure (when connected to a second XP2i). With an optional DataLoggerXP upgrade, users can record 32,000 data points and export the data into an Excel document. A battery-optimizing, Ultra-Low Power (ULP) mode, allows more than a year of continuous recording on one set of AA batteries. 


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