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nVision Lab Reference

nVision Lab Reference is a very accurate laboratory reference pressure calibrator that records and displays data graphically, on a large backlit display (255 x 160 pixel, or 6.5 x 4cm).

Temperature, voltage and current can also be measured and recorded - depending on which modules you choose.

If you are still using a chart recorder or deadweight tester for any of your testing, maybe it's time for an upgrade. The nVision Lab Reference replaces your chart recorder and deadweight tester - plus, it creates digital records of every test.

If you already own a standard nVision, the modules you currently own are interchangeable, and you can even use the same CrystalControl software to download your data.

The nVision Lab Reference is rack-mountable and stores up to 500,000 data points.  With two nVision modules, it measures pressure up to 15,000 psi, along with temperature, voltage or current simultaneously, at up to 10 readings per second, with an accuracy of up to 0.025% of the indicated reading.


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