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nVision - Reference Recorder

It's not just a pressure calibrator or a pressure recorder. It’s a field calibrator that can display recorded data graphically on a high resolution screen. No need to stop a test to analyze data on a PC. Stored data, or data being recorded, can be displayed graphically, with the ability to zoom into specific events, or zoom out to get a big picture of your test.

There's never been anything like this!

nVision Datasheet - PSI
nVision Datasheet - Bar
nVision Datasheet - MPa
nVision Datasheet - kg/cm2



  • Pressure accuracy of up to 0.05% of reading*
  • Replaceable/exchangeable modules: pressure, temperature, current and voltage
  • Temperature compensation from -20°C to 50°C
  • ATEX/IECEx intrinsically safe
  • Log and display 500,000 points at up to 10 readings/sec on up to two modules simultaneously
  • IP67 (1 meter submersion for 30 minutes)
  • Uses Crystal's CPF hose and fitting system up to 15K (finger tight to 10K PSI); Shifting everyday wear to a replaceable CPF adapter
  • Analyze live data graphically - no PC required. 
  • Connect to a PC to download stored data or view live readings
  • Configure and customise your unit using free software - CrystalControl

* Specification updated December 2015. Modules purchased prior to this date accurate up to 0.025% of reading.

The nVision is also available as a Lab Reference configuration

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