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TempWorks Software

This software has been designed to enable you to get the most from your Tempcal Calibrators and our range of portable thermo-regulators. Where applicable you will be able to:

  • Input set points
  • Read block temperature
  • Perform switch test functions (on selected models only)
  • Create and run temperature cycle programs specifying
    set point, ramp rate and hold time
  • Interface to external thermometers such as the
    Spec-Cal Eclipse II, Techne Accu-Temp and Accu-Temp 2,
    Cropico 3000 and ASL F250


A TempWorks Plus version of the software is also available which will enable you to:

  • Calibrate the unit
  • Output the contents of the on-board RAM

Compatible units are as follows:

Dry-Block Calibrators:

Tempcal H and F models
Tempcal 700X
Tempcal 1200S

Oil / Water Bath: OTB-8S and OTB-8HT
FB Series Baths: FB-08C
SBL Series Baths: TC-8D Controller
RB Series Baths: TU-20D head only