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ThermaPro 2

Digitron provide a range of single and multi-channel dataloggers for high temperature profiling are available for various applications in harsh conditions.

ThermaPro 2, a multi-channel oven datalogger, is the latest generation of high accuracy instruments for use in extreme or hostile environments. 

The ThermaPro 2 is suitable for applications where recording of temperature is critical to the maintenance of product quality. It is ideal for the food industry, where thermal process profiling (baking/chilling) is crucial to production efficiency and energy use optimisation.

Single and dual channel, stainless steel cased dataloggers are available as part of the MonoLog 2 range which use the same PC interface and software as their standard version counterparts. In addition there are loggers with thermocouple inputs for connection to sensors capable of temperatures up to 500°C.


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