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XP2i Absolute


Last year AMETEK Crystal released three new absolute pressure ranges of their XP2i digital pressure gauge and earlier this year AMETEK Crystal published a new brochure aimed at the natural gas industry where these gauges are used. Now, AMETEK Crystal are pleased to announce the last of their new absolute pressure ranges. The new 1.1 bar (16 psi, 110 kPa) absolute is the lowest pressure range available for the XP2i. This range has long been a request from many of AMETEK Crystal distributors, and AMETEK Crystal are happy to have a quality offering to support this.

Features of the new absolute XP2I include:

Data-logging capacity of 32000 data points

User Defined Unit: lets you define and display any pressure units not included, or to use the gauge to display force, level, or other pressure related parameters

Temperature Range of -10 to 50° C (14 to 122° F)

Reduce or increase displayed resolution                                         

8 readings per second                                                                         XP2i-Absolute Datasheet - PSI     

5.5 digit screen                                                                                      XP2i-Absolute Datasheet - Bar

Captures point at which valve opens                                                     XP2i-Absolute Datasheet - kPa

Smooths unsteady reading

Disable unwanted pressure units



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