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ETC Series

The ETC Series is the ideal dry block temperature calibrator when time is the critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a requirement. The block heats up to 100°C per minute and stabilizes in just 3 minutes! The small size and lightweight, fit perfectly in a toolbox, making it the perfect field calibrator to verify sensors in difficult to reach places  

Rugged construction, featuring stainless steel and rubber side panels, make the instrument suitable for many years of service in an industrial environment.

• Temperature range from -10 to 400°C (14 to 752°F) with 3 models
• Accuracy to ± 0.5°C and Stability to ± 0.05°C
• Time-saving fast cooling and heating times
• Easy-to-read multi-information display 
• Customizable stability checkmark with countdown timer
• Set exact temperature desired to a resolution of 0.1°C
• ETC 400R, small lightweight IR calibrator
• Lightweight and easy to carry

Models and temperature ranges
ETC-125A -10 to 125°C (14 to 257°F) 
ETC-400A 28 to 400°C (82 to 752°F) 
ETC-400R 28 to 400°C (82 to 752°F)

Features for the ETC

  • Complete series of temperature and IR calibrators

  • Multi-hole well design

  • RS232 and JOFRACAL calibration software

  • Multi-information display

  • Auto stepping

  • Stability indicator

  • Count down timer (shows when the unit is stable)

  • Programmable maximum temperature

  • Fast simulation/training mode

  • Re-calibration from keyboard

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