Minical IV

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Designed for the calibration of process control instrumentation including transmitters, transducers, recorders, controllers and indicators, the Minical IV is a highly accurate hand-held DC Current and Voltage Calibrator, with the added ability to generate up to 12V DC and to read up to 20V DC. In addition, the Minical IV can act as a 4 - 20mA transmitter simulator, which will operate in powered or unpowered loops.

Data entry is via a scratch resistant, splashproof membrane keypad, with fast and slow increment/decrement keys providing rapid and precise output value settings.


The Minical IV DC Current and Calibrator is supplied complete with a UKAS Calibration Certificate, carry case, test leads and battery charger.



  • High accuracy (±0.025% F.S.D.) and reliability

  • Robust and hard-wearing

  • UKAS Calibration Certificate included (recognised to ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

  • Calibrates from micro-volt and microamp levels to over 100mV/50mA in both read and generate modes.

  • Generates up to 12V DC and reads up to 20V DC.

  • Acts as a 4-20mA Transmitter Simulator, operating in powered or unpowered loops.

  • Free of potentiometers and switches