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PIECAL 311 Plus

The only 2 in 1 FULL FUNCTION RTD & milliamp Calibrator on the Market.


Calibrate all your RTD instruments AND your milliamp loops with the PIE 311Plus. It has all the functions of a 12 type RTD calibrator and can source 0 to 24 milliamps or simulate a two wire transmitter like a milliamp calibrator.


You can also perform stand alone calibrations of two wire transmitters by simultaneously supplying the thermocouple input signal while supplying the 24 volts to power up the transmitter and monitoring the milliamp output signal.

  • Powers HART™ transmitters with built-in 250 ohm resistor simplifying hookups with HART communicators.

  • Stop carrying around a decade box and RTD resistance tables. The PIE 311Plus works with the RTDs you use including Platinum 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 & 1000 Ohm (alpha = 3850), Platinum 100 Ohm (alpha = 3902, 3916, 3926), Copper 10 & 50 Ohm, and Nickel 120 Ohm. Or calibrate from 0.000 to 400.000 and 0.00 to 4000.00 Ohms. For RTDs the fixed or pulsed sensor current is measured by the calibrator. Protect your instruments & technicians from potentially dangerous and catastrophic failures due to hidden loop problems.

  • The PIE 311Plus allows you to quickly diagnose ground fault and current leakage, often caused by water in conduits and junction boxes, with PIE's patented loop diagnostic technology (US Patent# 7,248,058).

  • No competitor’s calibrator is compatible with as many process instruments as a PIE 311Plus! Connect directly to the RTD inputs of smart transmitters, PLCs, DCS and multichannel recorders and verify their outputs or displays.


Troubleshoot RTD sensor connections and find broken wires with patented technology. Connect your two, three or four wire RTDs and the PIE 311Plus automatically detects the connections. A secondary display shows the resistance value corresponding to the RTD temperature.

The PIE 311Plus fits the palm of your hand like a mobile phone and weighs less than 400grams. Automatic indication of connections on the display for simple hookups. Carry it without worry - it comes protected with a rubber boot and rugged, low profile switches. Easy to operate even in dark areas of the plant with the backlit display.


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