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With the PIECAL 334, you can check, calibrate and measure all your current signal instruments in a 4 to 20 milliamp DC loop.

It can be used at any access point in your loop.

Source & read 0.00 to 24.00 mA, simulate a 2-wire transmitter or use the PIECAL 334 to simultaneously power your 2-wire transmitter and measure its output

  • Calibrate milliamp instruments
    Source 0.00 to 24.00 mA & -25.0 to 125.0% of 4-20 mA
    Read 0.00 to 52.00 mA
    Read -99.99 to 99.99 V
    Simulate 2-wire transmitters; power & read 2-wire transmitters

  • Calibrate with confidence
    Accurate to ±0.025% of span at 4.00 & 20.00
    EZ-CHECK outputs

  • Use in the plant, field or shop
    Includes rubber boot and attached test leads; low profile switches resist accidental damage

  • Simple battery changes
    Separate compartment for no-tool battery changes with four inexpensive "AA" batteries

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