RB Series 

These baths are a complete refrigerated circulating system for closed-circuit applications for temperature ranges from ‐35 to 100°C.

Two bath capacities are available, 7 litres (RB‐5A) or 12 litres (RB‐12A). Temperature control is by the thermoregulator (TE-10D or TU-20D) giving four different combinations.

TempWorks Software has been designed for use with the TU-20D Thermoregulator (Head) and many other products from Haven’s range of temperature equipment.


It is a Windows based program that connects via an RS-232 connection to your computer. Programs can be created, saved and recalled at any time as well as running in real-time mode.


With TempWorks running on a PC you can set and read the dry block temperature, create and run temperature cycles with multiple set points, and control the rate of change.  You can also use external thermometers such as Spec-Cal Eclipse II, Accu-Temp, Accu-Temp II, Cropico 3000 series and 
ASL F250.


Refrigeration units are available for connection to the system and can be controlled via the software.


A Refrigeration Control Pack is needed to turn the refrigeration unit "on/off" when used with the software.

Techne RB Series