Techne SB Series

The Techne SB range offers a working environment that is dry, easily accessible and totally free from the dangers associated with high-temperature oil or salt baths.

The units are designed to be bench standing and only require an electrical and air supply for operation. Air passes through the mass of the (AL203) particles via a porous plate in the base of the unit, separating the individual particles and suspending them in free air, giving the properties of a liquid bath.

Heaters are placed in the bath which allows temperatures of up to 600°C to be maintained. All the SB range units have a stainless steel inner container insulated from the outer wall and a safety air pressure switch in the event of loss of air.

Techne SB Seeries

All SB Series fluidised baths are supplied as standard with an overspill flange and an initial charge of the fluidising medium. Other available accessories include air compressor for when a convenient airline is not available, air pressure regulator/filter and stainless steel baskets to keep workpieces from touching the heater elements and to make retrieval easier.

The TC-9D is a self-contained unit compatible with the SBL-2D and SBS-4 Fluidised Baths and is supplied complete with

Designed to improve the temperature stability and temperature setting accuracies of the SB Series of fluidised baths.

TC-9Dchromel/alumel Type K thermocouple which fits into the pocket in the SB Series baths. The unit has a digital setpoint and readout of bath temperature on an LED display and incorporates PID control.

TempWorks Software has been designed for use with the TC-9D controller and many other products from Haven’s range of temperature equipment. It is a Windows based program that connects via an RS-232 connection to your computer. Programs can be created, saved and recalled at any time as well as running in real-time mode.

With TempWorks running on a PC you can set and read the dry block temperature, create and run temperature cycles with multiple set points, and control the rate of change.  You can also use external thermometers such as Spec-Cal Eclipse II, Accu-Temp, Accu-Temp II, Cropico 3000 series and ASL F250.