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The World’s Most Popular Test Gauge

Ultra-rugged, intrinsically safe, digital test gauge with 0.1% of reading, 0.02% of full scale, or 0.05% of full-scale accuracy levels.

• New low-pressure absolute ranges! 16 psia version now available!
• Now available to 15 000 psi
• Marine-grade enclosure resists corrosion
• Accuracy not affected from -10 to 50°C
• Replaces 5 or more digital test gauges
• Fast pressure safety valve (PSV) mode
• Easy to use – No Menu. No Manual? No Problem!

XP2I 03.jpg


  • Simple to use

  • Calibration reminders and alerts

  • New nickel-plated, aluminium alloy enclosure is sealed to IP67 (waterproof to 1 metre)

  • Uses Crystal's CPF hose and fitting system up to 15K (finger tight to 10K PSI); Shifting everyday wear to a replaceable CPF adapter

  • Backlight is twice as bright, but batteries last just as long (typically 1500 hours)

  • 10% larger LCD window for a larger viewing angle

  • Internal pressure is equalised by a GORE-TEX filter

  • All XP2i gauges are CSA, IECEx and ATEX certified intrinsically safe

  • Captures open and reseat values for Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) testing

  • Optional pressure Datalogging capability

  • Torque and force measurement capable

Numerous options and upgrades are available to enable you to customise the XP2i to your specific needs:



The DataLoggerXP software, in tandem with the XP2i digital pressure gauge, forms an integrated data logging solution by collecting, saving and transferring data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

XP2I Panel 01.jpg


Panel Mounting
Includes a 4.5 inch gauge panel mount kit with a rear pressure port. To replace a 6 inch or 8.5 inch panel mount gauge, you will need to order part number 2955, for the 6 inch flange adapter or part number 2956 for the 8.5 inch flange adapter. 
Ideal for 
Test Bench Applications

XP2I DD 01.jpg


Dual Line Display
Adds a second line to the display which can be set to indicate peaks, average, leak rate or differential pressure when connected to a second pressure gauge connected via an ordinary DB-9 null modem cable. Great for relief valve or leak testing.  

XP2I RP 01.jpg


Rear Port Fitting
The rear port fitting can be ordered separately, but is included automatically with the panel mount flange option (F4)

Other versions of the XP2i Digital Test Gauge available are:

XP2I Absolute 01.png
XP2I DP 01.jpg
Crystal Pressure Certified Supplier.jpg
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